Operation Visit Japan – March 2010 Report

Its that time of the month again when I post the latest from my Operation Visit Japan launched in January 2010. In case you are new to my blog or haven’t read any of the posts related to the operation, it is a 15 month plan to save and raise enough money to cover the 3 main expenses namely plane tickets, accommodation and a railpass for a 3-4 week visit to Japan between July 2011 and August 2011. My biggest nemesis and threat to this plan is the urge to geek out on items or activities that have been known to cause great harm to my monthly paycheck.

So I have been managing to subdue that little demon on my shoulder who tries to convince me to splurge on items like a smartphone, plasma screen TV, Playstation 3 and other geektastic toys. Instead I have been winning the fight and also been managing to chop off other sources of unnecessary expenditure like frequent trips to the movies, anime figure collecting and I even cut my internet connection speed in half to ensure I meet my monthly savings requirement. I haven’t even been buying any long awaited video games like  Final fantasy XIII or God of War III which is temporarily passing me as I have decided to wait till one of my friends are able to part with their copies. I doubt I will be strong enough to resist Metroid Other M and Monster Hunter Tri so I have planning to pick up those separately and ensure they don’t affect  the visit Japan fund in any way at all.

March 2010 Report

The donation widget on my site saw a whirlwind of attention last month but things have been less quiet recently but still manage to get a few donations totaling $71 which I am grateful for. So adding that $71 plus the $100 I saved from my paycheck in March to the $459 saved/raised in January and February we have the grand total of $630 or 21% of the $3000 goal!

March Donor List

  • Aaron from Can Inverted become Verted?
  • Tash
  • James from NaffWorld.co.uk

Want to donate? use the Chipin widget above or in the sidebar and you and your blog or website (if you have one) can be listed here in the April 2010 report. Another big super huge awesome THANK YOU for everyone who have donated as well as those family, friends and well-wishers providing their support in various forms. Three months have flown by so fast another 12 months to go! Look out for the April 2010 report about this time next month.