10 year old Jamaipanese vs the Ram Goat

Seeing this ram in a very rural part of eastern Jamaica yesterday on a monthly photography trip that I go on with friends brought back some memories from my childhood one of which I thought I’d share.

Summer Holidays on a farm

As a child I used to love spending summer holidays on a small farm my Aunt and her husband owned in Walker’s Wood, St Ann, Jamaica. Going to the river, riding donkeys and tying out goats early in the morning were some of my favourite activities. My aunt used to walk with at least a dozen female goats neatly following her every command while I had the task of battling with a very stubborn male goat named “Tom” who always wanted to stop to eat grass and other plants along the dirt track and of course my aunt would always be shouting at me to keep up and “control” the ram so we could make it back down the hill in time for breakfast. Of course I was such a city boy that I was easily distracted by everything from uniquely coloured butterflies and other weird bugs to those friendly girls over on the neighboring farm.

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Super Aunt to the rescue

One morning Tom was extra stubborn and with a barking aunt in my ear and a feisty goat dragging me where he pleased I proceeded to yank the rope too hard and for a moment Tom transformed into a bull! Chasing after me with his 10 inch long horns. I tried to beat a hasty retreat by trying to jump over a 6 foot high barbed wire fence only to struck in the ass by his forehead (not horns THANK GOD!) half way up and having my legs tangled up in the razor sharp wire. My aunt being the part-time super hero that she is ran 100 meters faster than any sprinter at the time and proceeded to drop kick and karate chop the goat into submission. I escaped with more scars on my ego than my legs but recovered fully before school reopened 2 months later. I got my revenge the following year when poor old Tom was the main ingredient for a soup and curried goat feast that was in celebration of me passing my high school entrance exams.

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  1. Revenge is not only sweet, but tastes great with white rice & boiled green bananas. That’s quite a story, full circle & it landed on your plate lol. [smile]

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