Interesting Spring 2010 Anime

I am still getting through Durarara! and Seikon no Qwaser from my interesting Winter 2010 anime list but took the time to look ahead at some of the shows that will be coming out or continuing this spring so I can’t note from the plot synopsis, trailer and experiences with the production studio which new shows I will be checking out. Usually choose about 3 – 4 new anime from a season and almost always end up liking 1 or 2 but in the upcoming Spring 2010 season I find myself unable to whittle down the list past 6. I’ve listed them below.

House of Five Leaves – From the creators of Samurai Champloo comes this anime about a master-less samurai or ronin who is employed as the bodyguard of a gang leader. My reasoning for wanting to see this anime is simple – swords + gangs = lots of fighting.

Senko no Night Raid – This anime takes place in the 1930’s when wars raged across Asia as Japan fought with it’s neighbors mainly Russia and China. Spying, deception and hopefully a great story will hopefully make this show worth my time.

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Giant Killing – Being a huge fan of football (soccer for the Americans reading this) I don’t think I have ever watched an anime about football or any major sport in general. Giant Killing’s plot of a Tokyo Team’s struggle to be successful despite the negative odds should hopefully prove entertaining.

Iron Man – No explanation necessary…

Angel Beats – Before even reading the plot synopsis for this anime I fell in love from just watching the preview trailer and looking at the poster. A story involving angelic rebellions, super natural powers and female characters with weapons sweetened the deal.

K-ON Season 2 – I didn’t have much interest in the first season of K-ON when it debuted last spring but after having it recommended to me constantly by anime loving friends I decided to give it a try. In my later K-On review I noted that I liked the comedy, music and style of the early parts of the show but it was disappointing how everything fell apart at the end. Seeing that I have already been introduced to the girls from the first season I’m willing to take a peak in to see how season 2 will develop.

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Visit That Anime Blog for the full list of Spring 2010 anime, which new anime you are looking forward to?


3 thoughts on “Interesting Spring 2010 Anime

  1. K-On was cute and all, but the story dragged so much that I lost interest and stopped watching it.

    I loved Samurai Champloo so I’ll definitely have to check out House of Five Leaves.

  2. Being so addicted to Gundam lately, I couldn’t help but notice Unicorn on the list. :D
    I watched it and it’s actually pretty good, but it’s going to be a while for the whole story to unfold as the next one comes out in “Autumn 2010”, or so they say. [sob]

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