Interesting Winter 2010 Anime

It’s the start of a new year with the opportunity for new beginnings, lots of resolutions and new anime! Two of the four anime I noted in my interesting Fall 2009 anime list turned out to me very interesting with Armed Librarians being my favorite. My review of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 from my Summer 2008 anime list is overdue but drafted and will go live soon, but first, lets take a look at a couple anime that have caught my eye from the Winter 2010 season.

Seikon no Qwaser – From the plot synopsis I read something about an all powerful silver haired dude that is called a “Qwaser”. He manipulates iron and in true anime fashion is a high schooler but here is the real kicker, apparently the source of his power is breast milk? o_O Stop laughing I am serious! which anime fan wouldn’t want to at least take a peek at this – no not for the 2d breast, at least not for those alone right?

Durarara! – The plot synopsis speaks on urban legends, gang fights and life in the big city. The awesome trailer is actually what got me caught on this one, lets see if it’s worth my time.

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Dance in the Vampire Bund – If you thought Dracula was the master of all vampires you are sadly mistaken. Meet Mina Tepes, she may look like a 13 year old but she has been ripping off heads and draining the blood of the living for thousands of years. Apparently she is tired of being discriminated against and is taking steps to announce the existence of vampires to the world, unfortunately a few people don’t want that information getting out.

Katanagatari – The unusual art style is the first thing that caught my eye with this anime. The plot will follow a sword master and his younger sister as they travel all over Japan in the Edo period seeking out swords made by a legendary swordsmith. Hopefully there will be sword fighting and missing heads to keep me interested as only one episode will be released per month.

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There you have a shot list of a couple anime that caught my eye for the Winter 2010 season that I will be watching. Who knows maybe 1 or 2 of these will keep me interested and end up being reviewed. Visit That Anime Blog for the full list of Winter 2010 anime, which new anime you are looking forward to?

7 thoughts on “Interesting Winter 2010 Anime

  1. durarara is really good, im lovin it so far.

    Simon is my fave!

    Ps: a Jamaican Japanese enthusiast… damn son you hit the limmiter on cool right there. nice place you got here too. im only half jamiacan, lol.


  2. [japan] yaay ! yaay ! yaay ! yaay ! go japan go japan ur the best [smile] ur the best in drawing animes and creating some new games to play with [love] and i hope that u spread everything all around the world and especially in the arabian gulf and when u create anything new like video games , toys …. etc i really hope that u spread it :D so all the ppl can be happy …. im from : arabian gulf and im proud .. my country : Qatar with all respect , love & support from me guys … u go japan [japan] [japan] [japan] [japan] [japan]

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