Interesting Summer 2010 Anime

Whoops! The World Cup in South Africa has caused me to be late with my Summer 2010 anime list. Japan did reasonably well before being knocked out by Paraguay and earlier today tournament favorites Brazil crashed out at the hands of the Netherlands. The World Cup is temporary but anime is forever so these are the new shows I look forward to checking out this summer after checking out their plot synopsis and trailers.

High School of the Dead

Obviously influenced by the myriad of zombie flicks and video games High School of the Dead stars a group of Japanese high school students and the school nurse as they try to survive the outbreak of a mysterious and deadly disease turning people into zombies! Mix in bouncing breasts and a hit on pantsu action and you have an anime that no doubt will be popular this summer.


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Mysterious deaths start to occur in a tiny village in a rural area. The villagers investigate the cause of the deaths and connect them with a new family that has moved into a mansion in the community. Could there be a connection with this new family and the bizarre deaths?

Strike Witches 2

I didn’t see the first season but loved some of the figures I have seen in the past of characters from the series. It was originally a light novel with story influenced by magic, war and, um, err – “pantsu fighting loli mecha”. I’ll watch the 12 episodes of first season before diving into this – hopefully I like what I watch. If you have seen Strike Witches before leave a spoiler free comment telling me what it is like.

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin

Looks like there is ether a lot of horror themed anime this season or I am just in the mood for that and picking only those series from the list but from the plot synopsis Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin is another horror/mystery themed anime taking place at a private Japanese academy dedicated to the study of the occult, and haunted by strange phenomena. The main reason I will be checking out this series though is because the producer for one of my favourite series Guardian of the Sacred Spirit will be working on this project ^_^.

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Visit That Anime Blog for the full list of Summer 2010 anime, which new anime you are looking forward to?


9 thoughts on “Interesting Summer 2010 Anime

  1. Oh good. I’ve had a craving for some good suspense / horror anime. Except for Strike Witches, these look like they’ll hit the spot.

    1. Just as a follow-up, Sengoku Basara 2 looks like it might be interesting. Never saw the first series though, so I’ll have to watch that first.

      Nurarihyon no Mago sounds like it might be ok, but the review on That Anime Blog says that DEEN studio always screws up manga adaptations. Since I haven’t read, and probably won’t ever have time to read, the manga, that might not be a problem for me.

        1. strangely enoughti watched the first couple episodes of the first season of Sengoku Basara and disliked it, but now I hear it was AWESOME. Hmm might have to revisit that series.

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