Kana Invaders Flash Game

Simple easy to play games are often used to teach languages. I recently discovered an interesting flash game called Kana Invaders that puts an genius twists on the popular Space Invaders game. Instead and shooting invading aliens you can shoot invading hiragana and katakana! Very good for bad students of Japanese like me who can’t concentrate for very long, but even if you are good at Kana it makes good practice.

Video of me playing (and sucking)

Playing the game is easy. You first chose what you would like to study (Hiragana or Katakana) and then choose the level of difficulty. I usually start at level one and work my way up typing in the romanji for the invading kana characters as they fall. After a few kills you go on to the next level which gets increasing difficult. Simple enough and good for a few minutes here and there whether at work or after a study season or anytime in-between. I recorded a video (including quirky commentary) of myself playing the game that I have embedded below for your viewing, um, err pleasure?

Kana Invaders in Addictive!

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Kana Invaders comes to from the kind folks at Learnjapanesepod.com and podcast that offers tips, advice and lessons on learning Japanese. Turns out I had known about this podcast for a while but only recently rediscovered it due tot his game. Check it out the podcast and the game but I warn you Kana Invaders is addictive!

Which level did you reach?

Did you beat my measly score and surpass level 5 in the blink of an eye? Leave a comment on this post or on the Youtube video so I can hunt you down and kick your ass.


15 thoughts on “Kana Invaders Flash Game

  1. Well, I reached level 26, but then I got bored (as this is no match for me :P). But I’ll definitely recommend this game to beginners!

  2. Looks fun and I enjoyed your video =) I’d love to see Kanji Invaders too haha. Perhaps multiple readings may make it more difficult =P Challenge!

  3. I got up to level 51 before stopping. I think the speed stops increasing at a certain point so it got a bit boring. ^^;

    It would be great to have a combined hiragana/katakana mode, or even better a kanji mode for slightly more advanced learners. The game itself is very well designed though and I imagine it would be really effective for real beginners!

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