I love you Flow Jamaica

I’m here sitting idle, sweating my ass of in the summer heat on a Monday night, I’ve been tweeting up a storm and checking out the first episodes of some Summer 2010 anime. After watching the first episode of High School of the Dead (which was awesome) my attention deficit disorder chipped in so I decided to check on my blog traffic stats for the last few months. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was scratching my head wondering why my 3+ year old posts about my ISP stilled pulled in so much traffic. I continued to think and realized that I am paying my internet bill each month but I don’t even remember what speeds I am getting and I am so satisfied I don’t even check on it anymore. So decided to do that now to compare with the speeds I got not long after signing up with Flow Jamaica (Columbus Communications) in late 2006 and the speeds now.

not the fastest but much better than the dialup I was rocking 4 short years ago

My brain continued to think back and I remembered how we here in Jamaica suffered for many years with slow, unreliable and expensive internet connections before Flow came to our shores, so I just thought I’d whip up a 10 minute idle post saying thank you Flow Jamaica. My speeds are not world leading by any means but it’s good to have a reliable, inexpensive (I pay about us$60 per month for internet, phone and cable), professional internet service provider with decent(ish) customer support that I can call when I have a problem (albeit very very rarely) at 2am in the morning and cuss them out. So Flow Jamaica, for all that and more I thank you.

reading this? would love to know what speeds you are rocking - leave a comment!

I think the heat is getting to me so I better go shower, murder that leftover slice of pizza (from Saturday)and jump into bed. Maybe I was smoking weed? is my medication wearing off? or I am drunk? Not too sure all I know my bed is calling. Oyasuminasai (good night).