Photos from Cool Blue Hole, St Ann Jamaica

Last Sunday (June 27th) was the date of the monthly photo trip I go on with an active local photography group that meets via photo sharing site Flickr. The One Love Jamaica Flickr Group went to Cool Blue Hole in St Ann –Β  a quite spot in the hills just outside Ocho Rios that is a nature lover’s paradise with lots of greenery and a 25 foot pool and a series of waterfalls. The second spot was Rio Nuevo in St Mary – the site of the final battle between British and Spanish forces in 1658 to determine possession of Jamaica, a battle which the Spanish lost and Jamaica switched hands from a Spanish Colony to belonging to the British.

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cool blue hole waterfall jamaica
Cool Blue Hole in St Ann Jamaica, near Ocho Rios

I got most of my photos at Cool Blue Hole in the morning as I went on the trip with a really bad cold and by 1pm my meds had worn off and I wasn’t well enough to frolic around the mouth of the river and beach at Rio Nuevo. Spent most of the afternoon hanging with Brian, Charlene, Remlin and Gio chatting about random topics and enjoying the views. More photos below.

Flickr Group of photographers of all skill levels begin to explore
Then this really nice lady asked me to join her for a swim (I wish!)
I followed the River into the bushes as far as I could
Then I had second dip with another pretty lady (still wishing!)
I had no tripod to get the milky water - My pal Joel did a good job with this one
another beautiful collage of photos from the Cool Blue Hole stop by Gio

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16 thoughts on “Photos from Cool Blue Hole, St Ann Jamaica

  1. Looks amazing! You’re lucky to live in such a beautiful place =) The photo group sounds like a really cool idea.

  2. It’s amazing. I am self-taught-neophyte-photographer and I really like and love this. I wish, I ain’t here in the Philippines, then, I choose Western Countries to take-a-look-around because there’s a lot of perfect themes for pictorials. I like it.

  3. Wow, such beautiful models in a beautiful scenery. Now I wonder, which type of girls do you feel more attracted to, Japanese or Jamaican? [jamaica]

  4. Just gorgeous! We will be going to Ochi and Kingston in just a couple weeks. The Cool Blue Hole is DEFINITELY on my “things to do and see” list. Can’t wait to see more of your photos. We’re only going to be in Jamaica a week. If only we had more time to experience more of beautiful Jamaica!

  5. I’ve had intentions to visit this place for a while. Seems like a really nice spot. How exactly do I find it?

  6. Salve Gente
    Cerco disperatamente Sheena Ludwig di Ochio Rios St ann ( fotomodella negli anni 90 ) conosciuta anni fà
    perso tutti i suoi indirizzi ed avrei una voglia matta di rivederla e risentirla vi prego di aiutarmi
    Potete aiutarmi a ritrovarla ??
    Un grazie particolare a tutti Voi

  7. I need to know the number I can call there text me at 4193437 please I have my group to trip soon

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