Fix my Connection!

Its been about 3 days now since my internet connection at home been acting funny. Certain pages are either displaying very slowly or not at all and for someone like me who spends a lot of time on the internet for both leisure and business it is frustrating. I have to keep refreshing certain pages or waiting for a long time for images to load up. I have checked my wireless connection and equipment many times and I am sure the problem isnt from my side but calling Flow Jamaica’s customer service is proving increasingly difficult lately, I have to hold for long periods, listening to annoying jingles, christmas promotions and advertisements and the dumb technical staff still have not properly diagnosed the problem since yesterday. Been calling back all day but cant get anyone, I’m guessing because today is Local Government Elections, so much for 24/7 customer service.

Flow Jamaica’s website has a new look since the last time I visited

I’ll sleep on it and then call again first thing in the morning, internet junkies like me cant do for long without our proper fix, thank God Cable and Wireless Jamaica is still around so I’ve been chugging along from my work connection.

My internet speed readings have not changed, did this test before I posted this, so my browsing problems seem a bit technical

In other news the buying frenzy has begun and I have quite a few tech items in my crosshairs; a decent digital cam, a phone, a widescreen monitor, some DS games and more I look forward to geeking out on those items via my blog starting in a week or so as my cam is already on its way.

Damn! All the page loads needed to make this post took forever! Hurray I’m done.*clicks post*