Overstock.com – All I want for Christmas Giveaway

Overstock.com is a well known online store offering a wide variety of high quality brand name products and reasonable prices. Christmas is in the air and Overstock.com launched a wonderful contest called the All I want for Christmas Giveaway.

Each day of the contest, you can enter for the chance to win gifts that you’ve chosen from Overstock.com, gifts chosen must be worth more than $1000. They’re also giving you the opportunity to share your winnings and spread some Holiday cheer, by inviting up to 5 friends each day to register to win right along with you. If you win your gift, so do your friends Drawings will take place at the conclusion of the 5 day contest,to see if you won each gift you’ve registered to win over the duration of the giveaway. So there is lots of incentive to submit a new gift everyday, to increase your chances and gifts to win for not only you but your friends.

If I was choosing five of my blogging friends I’d choose, Stunner, Gordon, David, Contamination and Leon. What would you choose if you won?

10 thoughts on “Overstock.com – All I want for Christmas Giveaway

  1. Thanks star! I’m…too many persons used flattered…honoured! Hmmm…what would i choose, I think the Nikon D40 digital SLR and additional lens.

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