Operation Visit Japan – May 2010 Report

Five months into Operation Visit Japan and my excitement only grows each month. I need to relax because my head might explode from all the blood rushing to it and I might just try one of those celebratory somersaults my mind is tempting me to do and end up spending a few nights in a hospital – I’ll save the somersault routine for when I touch down in Tokyo.

The latest source of temptation that I am laughing at and successfully beating back is the flood of advertisements for huge TVs that is flooding the airwaves as the World Cup gets nearer. There is something about large HDTVs and men that feels like a match made in a sports loving heaven but when my head gets cloudy I listen to love letter to Japan, look at my Yamanote line key-chains and dig through my archives for gems like this to keep me focused.

May 2010 report

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Absolutely no donations via the chipin widget this month so the only addition to the fund is my $100 in savings from my May paycheck which when added to the sums from January, February, March and April bring the grand total to $1070 taking Operation visit Japan over the $1000 milestone or just under 36% of the $3000 goal.

The donation widget was quite lonely this month, which is somewhat expected after the great support I got in the early weeks after I posted it on the site. If you are reading this and would like to donate to Operation Visit Japan please use the donation widget above or in the sidebar to donate via paypal or if you want to donate some other way please contact me so we can arrange something..

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13 thoughts on “Operation Visit Japan – May 2010 Report

  1. Good luck! I’m confident that Japan will see you next year. I hope it will see me, too. I have plans as well :)

  2. Hi Kirk
    Keep it up… wish I could help, but we’re busily saving for our own trip in August (no – not trying to rub it in). Since our family grew in size, going to Japan got that little bit more expensive!… Still… you’ll get there.

  3. So far so good, man! I’ll definitely inject some more support from my side whenever I get the chance for it! Also, I need to start saving up myself, not an easy task.

  4. First of all I would like to say good luck with operation Japan. I too have been a Japan enthusiast since I was 12 and remember watching Sailor Moon. From then it blossomed into more anime, manga, Jrock, pocky you name it so I was glad I stumbled upon your site. Have you ever considered the JET (Japanese English Teaching) Programme? I’m still considering applying. Anywho keep up the blogging, good job. [japan]

    Twitter: shellokitty1
    Blog: http://shellyannc.blogspot.com

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