Operation Visit Japan – September 2010 Report

I am now nine months into Operation Visit Japan which means I am now past the halfway point and pretty soon I’ll be heading into the home stretch. My constant research into what to do and where to go when I get to Japan continues but with a limited budget I’ll have to cut down that massive 2 page list into something more manageable and affordable ^_^.

My up and down battle in school continues, I should be finishing up my diploma this month but alas I failed a couple courses and will have to do some resits. While at work I moved over to the 10th floor of the neighboring office building and have yet to be reconnected to the interwebs at work for now what is the forth week. When I do get reconnected I hope to stream my awesome view via my Ustream channel so look out for a tweet when that happens.

September 2010 Report

$40 dollars in donations via the Chipin widget plus my usual $100 savings from my monthly salary adds $140 to the Operation Visit Japan fund. Add that to the totals from January, February, March, April, May, June, July and August bring the grand total to $1750 or 58% of the $3000 goal! I am now only $60 away from meeting my goal for donations, so if you haven’t donated already please do so soon!

September Donor List

Grant Grigorian – Blogger at grantgrigorian.com
Leighton Scarlett – Webmaster of caribbeansingles.com

Big thanks again to longtime supporters, friends and those who have made donations. Operation Visit Japan keeps chugging along nicely with my excitement reaching a new level every time I publish one of these posts. THANK YOU!