Operation Visit Japan – August 2010 Report

It has now been eight months since Operation Visit Japan started in January of this year. Right on cue and just as pre-planed I have passed the 50% mark halfway through the operation. I’ve been experimenting a lot with my blog and working on ways to get in contact with readers and/or offering more ways to stay up to date with the happenings on Jamaipanese.com in anticipation of having a great experience in Japan.

My Youtube Channel has been revived and I have been brainstorming some ideas for future videos and ways to keep the videos interesting, so please subscribe to keep up to date. In other news I am looking forward to the second staging of the Jamaica Pegasus Tweetup in Kingston, I am still without a smartphone but that hasn’t stopped be from being an active tweeter so follow me! Now for the meaty part of the August report for Operation Visit Japan!

August 2010 Report

$60 dollars in donations via the Chipin widget plus my usual $100 savings from my monthly salary means that $160 has been added to the fund. Add that to the totals from January, February, March, April, May, June and July bring the grand total to $1610 or 54% of the $3000 goal!

August Donor List

  • Keith
  • Everett

The donation widget on my site got no attention in July but had a double dose of love in August. A huge thank you for those who have donated via the widget this past month and for those who are thinking about it or want to donate to Operation Visit Japan may use the Chipin widget embedded above or in the sidebar. If you don’t use paypal and want to donate some other way feel free to contact me and you and your blog or website (if you have one) can be listed here in the September 2010 report.