Operation Visit Japan – July 2010 Report

Another month has flown by and it’s time again for the Operation Visit Japan report, this time for July 2010. The saving plan continues to progress nicely each month and I seem to be on a blogging roll, spitting out post after post almost daily and my brain is a constant hum with new post ideas especially late at night and creating notes for little plans I have for my blog in the near to midterm future so stay tuned!

It’s summertime in the northern half of the world and many people are enjoying themselves while I have to balance school exams and one of the busiest periods of the year at work for me as I try to finish up and meet mid year deadlines. Only one exam remains though and in another week my workload should fall and the regular scheduled laziness may resume, hopefully uninterrupted.

July 2010 Report

No regular donations this month via the Chipin widget but my pal from DumbOtaku used the widget to payback some money from an item I bought for him many months ago. Net advertising revenue for the second quarter of 2010 plummeted to $95 and my usual $100 savings was added to the bucket bringing the total addition the Operation Visit Japan fund this month to $245. Add that to the totals from January, February, March, April, May and June bring the grand total to $1450 or 48% of the $3000 goal!

Want to donate?

If you would like to donate to Operation Visit Japan you can do so by using the chipin widget embedded in this post or in the left sidebar. Feel free to contact me to make other arrangements to contribute.