Occult Academy – First Impressions

Occult Academy is one of the series on my interesting summer 2010 anime list. I was impressed by the trailer I saw a while back and the plot overview and decided to take a look at after watching the first 3 episodes I can’t say I have been disappointed so far, in fact I have been quite impressed and this show as well as Highschool of the Dead are my two favourite shows in the summer season.

Meet Maya - one crazy lady

Plot Overview

Maya Kumashiro is one crazy chick who is daughter of the former headmaster of Seikimatsu Okaruto Gakuin or Occult Academy – a private academy dedicated to the study of all things supernatural, unexplainable or that go bump in the night. Her father dies mysteriously and she becomes to new principal with the her main goal being to destroy the school which she hates so much. Not long into her “reign” she comes face to crotch with Fumiaki Uchida the quirky agent from the future who falls from the sky with the aim of saving humanity from extinction at the hands of aliens?

some the the peripheral characters range from generic to crazy

I’ll be following it

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Occult Academy’s story is ripe with science fiction, horror and comedy and while not breathtakingly new or fresh is novel enough when coupled with the excellent animation and, a few memorable characters and the occasional chuckle inducing scene to warrant a watch. Have you been watching Occult Academy or not? I’d love to hear your feedback via a comment below.

Meet Fumiaki, who knew searching for a key would be so difficult?
The principal at my high school didn't look much different than this guy, skin colour and all!
the artwork and animation in Occult Academy is top notch


3 thoughts on “Occult Academy – First Impressions

  1. I watched the first episode of this. I haven’t gotten around to watching the follow-up episodes yet. Seems interesting so far.

  2. Yeah this show is very good! I started watching it on a whim and I really like it so far! I’m not all the way caught up with it yet but so far it’s really good.

    I just wish I was better at remembering the names of the other characters in the show ^^;

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