Highschool of the Dead: First Impressions

Highschool of the Dead is one of the anime from my interesting Summer 2010 anime list. It is my most highly anticipated anime of the season and I couldn’t wait to gobble down the first 2 episodes so I could write this first impressions post. The anime is based off a manga of the same name, that I haven’t read but might after the series is complete.

Vice Principal Γ’β‚¬β€œ PE teacher, science teacher and English teacher? not too sure but they die first!

Plot Synopsis

The plot of Highschool of the Dead (H.O.T.D.) is a very simple one, A zombie apocalypse is upon the world which reaches your high school when a when a zombie pays your school a visit and infects members of the faculty who went to greet him. Pretty soon the entire school is overun with zombies and a group of students ( and the school nurse) band together to try to survive the outbreak.

If I was a zombie these guys pushing and stepping on girls would be dinner!

Favourite Characters

The cast is good mixture of character types with my favourites so far being Saeko – the president of the school’s kendo club andΒ  Kohta a gun geek/otaku whose comedic antics have been interesting so far. Not so fond of the love story drama surrounding Takashi and Rei but apparently Takashi was a pimp in a former life as he bitch-slapped Rei not long after her introduction.

Takashi hasn't quite grown on me yet but lets see how he develops

Why I like it (so far)

Highschool of the Dead’s high action and horror combination mixed in with some cheesy zombie scenes and decent humor make it into a series I think I will enjoy. Plus you never know when a real zombie apocalypse will be upon us so I am also watching to gain valuable experience on how to take action just in case one really happens.

I laughed so hard while watching the scene before this girl's demise
...just when you thought you escaped the zombies you realize the entire city is overrun with them