Anime Nation 2010 a Success

The Anime Nation event aimed at all anime, manga, video game and movie fans in Jamaica was a tremendous success. I went to the event last night held at the Pepsi Playaz Club (Students Union) on the campus of  the University of the West Indies and had a great time. Anime Nation aims to be Jamaica’s premiere cosplaying event and it is the first official event of it’s kind here in Jamaica. It had official support and sponsorship of the Japanese embassy here in Kingston and even the Japanese ambassador came out to show his support for the event.

get your photo taken with a trio of Itachi from Naruto's Akatsuki

Cosplayers from far and wide came out in there favourite costumes from popular  (and not so popular) anime like Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, One Piece and Spirited Away. Some cosplayers came in original costume designs while others were inspired by video games like World of Warcraft or Street Fighter – there was even a Sith Lord there complete with a lightsaber!

food! nom nom nom nom nom!

There were a few aspects of the event that could have been imporved such as having it a location more conducive to a large crowd as the heat was almost unbearable inside the venue, also as a photographer I wished there was a dedicated stage area with proper lighting for cosplayers to show off their costumes. All in all though it was a great event that I hope will be a yearly one and the start of great things.

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Sasuke who was cosplayed by a girl but was still popular with other girls o.O
My personal favourite cosplay of Yoruichi from Bleach - had to get a pic with her
this costume was popular with the gentlemenn ^_^
Video games made available by Area 51 Video Game arcade
Kakashi from Naruto
local artist's work on display
great turn out of cosplayers of all ages
this cosplay from Spirited Away turned many heads
The force was very strong with this Sith Lord

Embedded video below that I am not too proud of because of the really bad lighting as well as lots and lots of pictures. Visit the JA Cosplayaz Facebook Group for more pictures and videos!


11 thoughts on “Anime Nation 2010 a Success

  1. I find these Anime Conventions in other continents very cultural [jamaica] . It means that we are all united together with the same interest which is anime . [smile]

    Look all those Itachi Cosplayers , everyone likes him because he’s cool .

    Really would like to buy those Local Mangas , looks good enough to buy one

  2. Wish I had known what you looked like prior to the event. I visit your blog from time to time would have been good to give u a hail! And definitely look out for our event next year, bigger and better. [japan] [jamaica]

  3. [love] Omg I blog post of anime nation that’s so awesome. To be first year and to be a great success is awesome. Some to look toward to.

  4. wow.. im Jamaican but living in NY for 10 years. When I was there I could never imagine something like this. I’m so happy to see this happening in Jamaica now! Maybe ill come by if they have this again next year!!! :) [japan]

  5. AWESOME!!! Like seriously this is just a fantastic sight and looks like it was loads of fun! I will say one thing, the one that’s labeled as “spirited away” i coulda sworn it was a menos from Bleach at 1st but i’m like “nope nope no big pointy nose” xD [jamaica] [japan]

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