Monster Hunter Tri Review

Monster Hunter Tri is a action adventure game I have enjoying for the last 2 months on the Nintendo Wii. I had known about the Monster Hunter franchise before, mainly because of its success in Japan and had been following this specific game for about a year before it came out. I knew it would have been a hugely popular on the Wii but had to endure endure a few delays before it it was finally released in April and I was able to pick it up. I made a first impressions post about two week into playing the game but at that time I had only scratched the surface of what was possible in the game so as promised I decided to do a review.

Description of the Game

Monster Hunter is described as an action role playing game, the “tri” signifies that this is the third major installment in the series which started with the first game on the Playstation 3 in 2004. The main story has you choosing a weapon and playing the role of a Monster Hunter working for a guild who assigns the player tasks or quests. These quests will have you doing everything from gathering mushrooms to killing small animals to taking on a couple of fire breathing behemoths. As you progress you will advance the story and take on more difficult quests, upgrade your equipment and unlock new areas to explore.

The main game is split into two areas:

  1. The Village – the offline portion of the game where the story evolves around you saving a small remote island village from being wiped off the map after it starts to experience earthquakes caused by a mysterious water monster. Early in the game you team with with one of the most awesome video game sidekicks ever.
  2. The City – the online portion of the game that allows players to quest with up to 4 other players together. There are certain event quests that can only be done online and completing regular quests online are generally more rewarding and fun (if you have capable quest-mates).
monster hunter tri - deviljho
Meet my friend Deviljho, a badass late game monster

Why I like Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter Tri is the perfect ego masseuse  and stress reliever. The feeling of achievement after a beating a difficult monster is addictive especially when you start realizing how you have grown when you crush troublesome early monsters like cockroaches late in the game only to wet your diapers when you randomly run into a Deviljho. Defeating monster, carving them up and using their body parts to upgrade your armour and weapons is also something that is very rewarding. The music in Monster Hunter Tri fits the game very well switching and adapting to what is happening on screen with most major monster having their own theme music and unique calls and sound effects. As you level up from a new inexperienced hunter the game world evolves as you progress through the game with new monsters and resources appearing in the game world.

Double O Gundam is too powerful to be a regular Monster Huner

Are you a Monster Hunter?

I am not online in this game as often as I used to be but if you are reading this and would like to play together online add me as a friend – my online code is WNIPM4, then hit me up on Twitter or through my contact page so we can schedule a time to meet up and slay some monsters online together.

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