Monster Hunter Tri – First Impressions

For the last two weeks or so I have been playing Monster Hunter Tri. I had not touched the Nintendo Wii in my living room for a long time but the long months of waiting came to an end when this game landed in my lap. Monster Hunter Tri is my first game from the Monster Hunter series, I can’t actually write a decent review of the game as I have only logged about 40 hours of gameplay and Monster Hunter Tri has a whole lot to do, see and experience but I think I am at least 60% of the way through the single player experience but the online component is almost unlimited – more on that later.

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Big Damage and Defense – Lance

So as planned I started out using mainly a Lance with my weapon of choice when gathering being a sword and shield. I have no experience using the other weapons which are Great Sword, Hammer, Switch Axe and Long Sword. I’m a fan of the Lance because it does heavy damage while having an impenetrable shield for defense but as expected when the weapon is out then movement speed suffers. The sword and shield is similar to the Lance but with less attack, a smaller shield but very fast movement.

Living the Life of a Monster Hunter

The game is called Monster Hunter for a reason and so I spend a lot of time killing monsters of all shapes, sizes and temperaments from annoying bugs to fire breathing dragons. You use the resources gathered from killing these monsters to improve your weapons and armour and to move the story along. I’ll state from now that the story isn’t anything to write home about but I’ll elaborate on that in the final review.

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Pre-ordered my copy of Monster Hunter Tri bundled with a classic controller on Amazon

Online on the Wii

Playing online is what I enjoy the most – IF I can find a capable set of players who are interested to do the quests I want to do. Luckily online play in Monster Hunter Tri works like a charm with almost no server issues. Slaying behemoths is that more fulfilling when you can do it with up to 3 other human players although you will run into the occasional annoying dimwit, I can forgive a noob who has not yet grasped the concepts of the game as we are all noobs at some point but hate it when some players intentional die so the team fail missions or hoard all the pre game-resources.

I like to call myself a “pure” gamer because I refuse to use game guides, walkthroughs, or another other tool to make the game easier or cheat the system. My pureness in Monster Hunter Tri soon faded away like Madonna’s virginity when I realised the plethora of items, monsters, crafting, weapons, locations, resources, armour, awards, carves etc that I would have to keep track of. Mind you it is possible to play Monster Hunter Tri without a guide – it’d just take you 10 years of playing at least 4 hours a day to complete. My guide of choice is The Monster Hunter Tri wiki on Wikia so if you playing or plan to start playing check it out.

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monster unter tri cha cha

Cha-Cha is one of the coolest sidekicks you will every have in a video game

Join me?

My hero rank online at the time of this post is 17, will talk more about the game once I’ve carved a few dozen more. If you are currently thinking about getting this game feel free to do s as it is worth every penny if you are interested in this type of game. Add me so we can play online together – my online code is WNIPM4 – just leave a message in the friend request to say you read this on so I don’t ignore it ^_^.

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