One Love Jamaica Festival 2010 Pictures

Yoyogi park in Tokyo Japan was bathed in a Jamaica vibe last weekend when the 2010 staging of the One Love Jamaica Festival took place from May 5th to 9th. News from pals in Japan was that there was a lot of publicity around the festival this year and a huge crowd was expected. I still haven’t made it to my first One Love Jamaica Festival in Japan yet but posting about it every year just gets me excited about being in Japan one year to be able to attend. For now I am content with enjoying Jamaica from inside Jamaica ^_^.

This Japanese man was getting his groove on to the music he loves

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A big thank you to Paul for sending me a link to the pictures he took at the festival. I was promised some more pictures from some other people but I didn’t get them in time for this post. Join me in thanking Paul by following him on Twitter and checking out his blog. Lots more pictures and videos below.

Bob Marley’s music is huge in Japan

There are a lot of awesome videos from the festival this year that can be found by doing a quick search on Youtube. Embedded one of the better ones below with parts two and more available for those interested.

I recently blogged about Jamrock Cafe and Restaurant who were present at the festival

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Nothing says Jamaican music like a 12 foot stack of speakers

Jerk Chicken, makes me want to eat some now

Get your Jamaican colours here

Lots of Jamaica related memorabilia was on sale

Lots of Jamaican food for all to enjoy

A decent crown filing through the festival

dancing up a storm!

Anybody in Tokyo managed to go to the festival this year? Share you experience below in the comments.


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  1. Ahh, Summer festival season! I love it! Can’t wait to be there in the outdoors with food, music, and a cold beer.

  2. Does anybody know of any more similar events happening in Toyko soon? Are there any Jamaican artists playing a concert, if so where?

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