One Love Jamaica Festival 2010 Information

It’s coming up to that time of year again when Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, Japan is taken over for a weekend by all things Jamaican. The 2010 Staging of the One Love Jamaica Festival will take place from Saturday May 8th to Sunday May 9th 2010.

Lots of attractions and activities will be on at the festival including Jamaica travel information, singing of Bob Marley songs among many other things. It’s a festival that I have followed for a few years now from afar and still hoping to be able to go attend it one day in the future.

Booths Available and Volunteers wanted

From my very limited Japanese I managed to decipher from the official website that persons who are interested in renting booths for the festival are invited to apply now. Volunteers are also needed to help with the management of the festival so if you in Tokyo and interested in volunteering you may show your interest now.

Are you going?

Unfortunately I am not in Japan (yet!) but if you are you should consider going to this festival and snapping some pictures to send my way ^^, maybe I can do a followup post using pictures submitted and giving full credit to the contributors. So, are you going?