For the Love of Photography and Friends

Photography is like therapy to me, helping me to release a lot of negative energy that would otherwise have me decapitating that moron that cut in line in the bank yesterday or drop kicking that scammer I see all over Kingston on different days  pretending he has run out of gas for his motorcycle. Through the monthly photography trips I have been going on with a couple local photography enthusiasts all over the island I have gotten the opportunity to leave the hustle and bustle of the city which I rarely do seeing that I don’t drive and have very few if any reason to leave the concrete jungle that is Kingston.

Photos and Collage by Gio – Can you pick out the 2 tiles that feature me above?

My post about Black River is an example of the places we go and the things we do on these outings and it is via these outings that I have met dozens of photographers from all walks of life and even overseas that share a common love for photography. I have prepared a list of some of the photographers I hang out it from time to time whose work is inspiring.

Photos and Collage by David – that’s be “bokehified” behind the bottle of rum

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Hi5 to my Photography Pals

DSLR on Loan

On a recent trip to Jamaica from Canada, Marc was kind enough to bring his underused Nikon D70 with him which he has loaned to me. I know you didn’t want me to make a big deal of it Marc but I just couldn’t make a photography related post on my blog without giving you a shout out and say THANKS! Still getting the hand of things with the dslr as things are somewhat different from my prosumer Sony DSC-H9 point and shoot that served me well for over 2 years. Looking to invest in or annoy family overseas for some lenses. Also looking to start a daily photo project of some sort, so stay tuned to my Photostream on Flickr and if you are a local photographer reading this be sure to join the most active Jamaica based group on Flickr.

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14 thoughts on “For the Love of Photography and Friends

  1. u shudda still clobber the fool in the bank, but as u say woosah and take a trip to country….ain’t it just the most beautiful land on earth….Jamaica we blessed. dnt forget it.

    @ sixmats…dis dude loves photos but never of himself but food always catches him man…lol

  2. Is David ‘bokehified’ or did you drink too much of the rum and your vision is blurred? [tongue]

  3. I’m definitely gonna start paying more attention to photography. How much does a basic camera for this type of photography cost?

    1. Camera choices are very varied. A capable point and shoot int he $250 – $350 price range could get you started. Drop me a message if you want more help.

  4. I know I play bad, but you can learn from me as a person who is not into a do, let’s join the clan did not just want to make progress together DOTA do, are filled with love for the game of DOTA, right? I would like to, and we called him a good friend

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