Photos from Black River Jamaica

For over a year and a half now I have been linking with and going on monthly trips all over Jamaica with a local photography group I met via Flickr. I’ve posted updates from my adventures on the trip in the past on my photoblog and three of the four videos on my Youtube channel are from some of the trips I’ve been on. I have learned so much from friends that attend these monthly linkups which range from hobby photographers taking the opportunity to travel to areas of Jamaica they haven’t been, to professional photographers who make all or a big chunk of their income from photography. With photography exploits being realigned I have decided to make more photography related posts here, hopefully they will be well received.

A Rasta guide, 2 tourists and a dog in a boat named “Di Evil Tings” o_O

About Black River Jamaica

The Black River is the second longest river in Jamaica at a length of 53.4km. Its name refers to the darkness of the river bed caused by thick layers of decomposing vegetation. The Lower Morass consists of shallow estuaries, marshland and mangrove swamps providing a rich ecological environment for a broad range of fish, birds and other creatures including crocodiles, lobsters, mangrove snappers, snook and mullet. Here the river is joined by the YS river making the Lower Morass the largest (14,085 acres) swamp environment in the Caribbean. The area surrounding where the river meets the Caribbean Sea is a town that shares the name Black River which was established in the early 1600s.

I can’t stop admiring how white this fellow’s teeth are

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One of my favourite shots of the day looking north towards the Cockpit Country

Craft items on sale for visitors from out of town or overseas

An egret looking for bugs and other things to eat

View south to the Caribbean Sea

Basking in the sun and showing off his blood stained teeth

I learned so much about the importance of mangroves on the tour

An Old beached ship that has been decaying for years

You are taking a nice swim one day to escape the summer heat and the fellow above pulls up beside you, what do you do?

In Jamaica, reading this and have an interest in photography or traveling all over the island? Click here to visit and join the One Love Jamaica West Indies group on Flickr. The next trip is planned for February 21, 2010 when we will be going to St Thomas.

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Resources and Links

Black River – Jamaica National Heritage Trust
Black River – Wikipedia
Black River – Google Maps


17 thoughts on “Photos from Black River Jamaica

  1. I went to school in this area. I have been on that trip so many times. The crocodiles you have shot have eaten people as well. I remember years ago in primary school this lady was fishing by the seaside and her dress got in the water and one of the crocs just pulled her away and they did have a feast. News spread like wild fire in the town (small).

    It makes a lovely tour – Black River. Glad you enjoyed it. Great photos by the way. Those crocodiles are found in surrounding communities as well. They are normally stoned before returning to the safari. People are learning how to cope with them now.

    Great post.
    [jamaica] You passed my home to go to Black River :)

      1. You seem to know about cameras, I am a shutter bug myself, but the camera I own is soooooo slow. After taking a pic, it takes approx. 10 sec to be ready again. Suggest a good camera, please.

  2. Wow, great photos, Kirk! Jamaica is so beautiful [jamaica] , but I tell you, I’d be a lil freaked out near the crocodiles, I’d only admire them from far… very far, haha. How far away from them did you stand?

  3. That’s really cool. I didn’t think there was swampland on islands in the Caribbean. Guess I learned something today.

    By the way, those are some nasty lookin’ crocs. To answer your question, I think I’d first pee and crap myself. Then I’d grip his jaws as tightly as possible to keep him from opening his mouth until help arrived. From what I’ve read, they don’t have much muscle when it comes to opening their mouth, but they snap down with power that can snap bones.

  4. WOW WHEN I SEE THIS THEN I MISS MY HOME. WHEN DID BLACK RIVER FALL BACK TO SECOND OR ARE THEY PLAYING THE SEMANTICS GAME BY SAYING LONGEST NAVIGABLE RIVER? I know Carbarita, Milk and Wag Water are also quite long…oh and who can forget our only east-west river the Plantain Garden. Enlighten me more ok

  5. Awesome pics. As you pointed out, the croc in the second croc pic has some blood on his front teeth. Nasty!

  6. Amazing photos. I’d love to check out Jamaica sometime in the near future. I guess the weather is pretty much the same as FLorida, no?

    1. Pretty much the same with the difference being our breath-taking tourist attractions. You would have to check out the Dunn’s River Falls.

  7. @ Bill, yeh the weather is pretty much very similar; few oddities tho (in my view) the heat of FL (esp south fl) is much more overwhelming than the heat in JA during summer – feels like walking in a large oven, while Ja is more like walking in a large sauna/steambath.

    Make plans for the trip right away, don’t put it off till the right time…right now is the right time.

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