Got my new Digital Camera Yesterday

Got a text message last night from the local courier service I joined recently saying that my package had arrived and was ready for pick-up, so being the typical civil servant in Jamaica I took it upon myself to take time off from the government’s work to go pick up my package first thing yesterday morning. It was my first time using one of these courier services/clubs where you join for a fee and then get an American address where you would ship items bought online to as long as you place your membership number as part of the address, they would then ship the item to Jamaica for me charging a fee depending on the weight of the item, it’s really simple and quick to get courier quotes I don’t know why I never used the service before now. Bought my cam online on the 5th of December and on yesterday the 1th it is safe and sound in my hands. Anyway enough of that, please allow me to geek out about my cam ^_^.


Following Taylor‘s recommendation I discarded my plans for a SLR and went for a easy to use semi professional digital cam with great zoom and features. The number one candidate was the Sony Cybershot DSC-H9 and thats the cam that I got.

First picture I took after unwrapping cam, resized image to fit screen

I’m still tinkering around with the features and going through the manual but I love this camera, which with the carrying case and a 4gb memory card cost me over us$500. Yes I maxed out my credit card just before Christmas -_-, so much for a gift for grandma, because that’s pretty much my gift giving budget for my entire list of about 8 or so family and friends ^_^, don’t worry though I have discovered a great invention called greeting cards and I’ve always been good with words, hey it’s the thought that counts right?


I am so intrigued by this cam and serious about taking up photography as a hobby, I even grabbed a domain name a while back with plans for a photography blog, didn’t want to stray too much from Jamaica, Japan, tech, movies, anime, music and a couple of my other interests covered on this blog, so please look out for the launch of that website as I will partnering up with my love interest on that project.