Yotaro Baby Robot from Japan

Japan has already got robot teachers, robot pets and robot gladiators so can you guess whats missing? Robot babies of course! The Tsukuba University’s robotics and behavioral sciences laboratory has been working on “Yotaro” designed to remind young people of the pleasures of parenting.

yotaru baby robot japan

Balloon Head with Tear Effects!

Yotaro’s alien-like face is made of soft translucent silicon. It is connected to projector, computer, speakers and various sensors to simulate crying, sneezing, sleeping and smiling and baby giggles. What would a baby be without a running nose and tears? Yotaro simulates a runny nose using an attached water pump.

Japan has the world’s longest average life expectancy – 79 years for men and 86 years for women and one of the lowest birth rates, meaning its population is headed for a steep decline.

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Tsukuba University


13 thoughts on “Yotaro Baby Robot from Japan

  1. This is funny. Its not surprising that the population is heading for a steep decline if men are getting married to video game girls over there

  2. Haha, you always find some weird stuff, that also relates to a serious issue :)

    I wonder, what the next thing will be? I am afraid to think further >_<

  3. After having been interested in Japan for ages now, I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am! It’s not the prettiest of babies, robot or no robot!

  4. The tear of a child, a nose to wipe, a song for a cry, your baby will sleep, surely for a while, warmth of a glow, a smile for a smile, electric thought in life, a wish for all, to hold, in creation, to behold in our sight, for hope, for us all in desire.

  5. That’S crazy! Not the best utility for a society with a dropping birthrate now is it? Scare the hell of any future moms. Nevertheless, Jamaipanese, once again, interesting post!

    1. i liked the idea to make robots ourselves and to discover how to do such like these things but at least make a body to that electronic baby, there is something that i want to know ,is some 1 selling it cause i want to buy 1, so if any on knows,just leave a note for me

  6. i am from asia i like to know how to do robots and i want to know also like mandy if they sell it cause i like it alot and thanx

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