The Demon in the Teahouse

After enjoying the first book in the Samurai Mysteries series called The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn I moved on to the second book of the series The Demon in the Teahouse which I am a couple pages into. It picks up right after the happenings of the first book and from what I have read so far the excellent writing, historical lessons, cultural references and small injections of humour from the first book has continued over to this one.

Seikei and Judge Ooka are back after the head splitting end to the first book and Seikei’s new life is already more exciting that it was before when he was a merchant now that he is so close to the Judge. I am being as vague as possible as to not spoil major plot elements of the first book but I can understand why the authors Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler refer to Judge Ooka as the Japanese Sherlock Holmes.

Book Synopsis

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The beautiful, mysterious women of Japan are being killed one by one. The famous samurai Judge Ooka knows he will need help to solve the crimes, so he turns to his newly adopted son, fourteen-year-old Seikei. Determined to prove his worth as a samurai, Seikei goes undercover as a teahouse attendant to gather information in the exotic “floating city” of Yoshiwara, where demons lurk among the pleasure seekers and no one is safe – not even a samurai.

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  1. dude, reading these samurai mysteries reviews has prompted me to read the books. they’re now on order.

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