Roaring River Cave and Mayfield Falls Photos

Late last month I went to the Roaring River Cave and Mayfield Falls in Westmorland Jamaica as a part of the usual monthly photography link-up I attend with fellow local photographers who meet online via a group on Flickr. I don’t even know if I can still call it a link-up for “local” photographers anymore because a few foreigners and overseas based Jamaicans have been joining us lately with the group swelling from about a dozen people when I first started going a couple years ago to over 40 on the last trip.

Leaving the light and stepping into the darkness

I didn’t post any pictures from the April trip but I did a reptile infested post about the trip to Black River earlier this year and a post with a couple collages taken by some other group members of some of the happenings on a few other trips. I am getting used to the Nikon D70 that my pal Marc loaned me and looking forward to getting another lens or two when I can afford to. Check out a selection of pictures taken on the trip below and also check out my Flickr page if you’d like to see others.

Not really a fan of being inside caves – there is just something about being inside the earth with bats that scares me

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One of the models in the group named Jo – stole this shot during her private session with Joel ^_^

Craft vendor’s stall at Mayfield falls

This playful puppy won theΒ  heart of many

Really liked this smiling skill head carving

Franz Paris (I’m told that’s her real name) has a great personality

Having a bokeh orgasm with a Nikon 50mm 1.4 I burrowed from a group member

Blogging pal and fellow photog Stunner getting his periodic crackberry fix – Check out his blog

Someone in the group brought a violin for the models to pose with

another shot of inside the Roaring River cave

This nice lady was on hand to congratulate me for not drowning in knee deep water

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Remember to check out my Flickr page for more photos, follow me on Twitter to know when I upload more photos to my Flickr page and also check out fellow group member and Jamaican blogger Stunner’s post about this same trip.

Roaring River, Caves and Park
Mayfield Falls


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  1. Hiya! Checked out your Flickr site… great work. My hat goes off to you for having come so far in such a short time. That’s some good work that you’re amassing there… and lots of growth from the earliest to the latest. I wish I could be so hard-working!

  2. I went to a cave in Japan last year (my first time) and loved it. The only problem was when I came out my camera fogged over.

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