New Gundam Café opens in Akihabara

Mobile Suit Gundam is one of the most popular anime series not only in Japan but worldwide. It’s no secret that I am a bug Gundam fan so I had to post about the new 60 seat Gundam themed café and bar that opened in Akihabara late last month.

The Cafe is owned by Japanese toy making company Bandai, who specializes in plastic model kits of which Gundams or “Gunpla” are some of the best sellers. I myself own a few of the model kits all the way here in Jamaica. The cafe is built from the ground up to appeal to Gundam fans whether it be the nostalgic adults who grew up watching the original series or the legions of new fans who have been introduced to the Gundam universe via the various spin-off series and movies.

The front of the cafe features a realistically scaled v-fin from the original Gundam and everything from the food and drink menu, staff uniforms, seating and even the toilets have been infused with all things Gundam. This cafe has definitely made it’s way unto my list of must visit (even if it is  to just walk by) places when operation visit Japan is a success and I make it to Japan next year.

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