JR East Introducing Railway of Love

Single in Japan and looking for a mate? Between the ages of 25 and 40? Blind dates, bars, clubs, parks, staff parties and other social events not landing you that dream guy or girl? East Japan Railway has the the perfect cupid arrow to pierce the heart of your future love – a hybrid KiHa E200 train! Ooh it helps if you are looking someone who loves trains as much as you (hopefully) do.

“Guy and girl train enthusiasts, get together on Japan’s most fun train!” – those the words of Sumio Taga, the manager of a pension in Hokuto, Yamanashi Prefecture, who is organizing the event. The Koumi Line runs through a very scenic area of Japan and organizers hope that passengers will enjoy each others company throughout the 41/2 hour journey while participating in train themed discussions and quizzes.

Commercial Hybrid Train

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You may or may not remember my blog post about the launch of the Kiha E200 Commercial Hybrid Train a couple years ago. It’s good to seeing the venture going strong and “expanding” it’s services ^_^. Geektastic video explaining the technology embedded below.

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Koumi Line
KiHa E200


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