Coracoes Sujos Post WWII Japanese in Brazil

Coracoes Sujos or “Dirty Hearts” is a new film by Brazilian filmmaker Vicente Amorim and is based off a fictional book written by Fernando Morais about the chaos in Brazil’s sizable Japanese immigrant population following Japan’s World War II loss. The Japanese immigrant community in Brazil was divided into two groups over Japan’s defeat.

About 80 percent of Japanese immigrants consistently believed in the victory of their home country adhering to such values as honoring the homeland, honor, samurai chivalry and yamato (Japanese) spirit in order to stand together to fight against social prejudice and maintain their identity in Brazil and not believe American propaganda, while the remainder accepted the fact that Japan had lost the war.

Thriller and Love Story

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The few immigrants that accepted the truth were persecuted. Some were hunted down and assassinated – by their own countrymen – causing the start of a new, private war. Dirty Hearts is a thriller and love story told by the wife of one of the fanatics dedicated to preach Japanese victory. Little by little, she watches her husband, a hard-working immigrant, become an assassin and their love story fade away. Speak Portuguese? video embedded below ^_^.

The film will be released in Brazil early next year and there is no word yet on a worldwide release but this could be an interesting watch. I usually try to stay far from controversial topics related to Japan such as the World War II and it’s relationships with its neighbors but hopefully this movie gets subbed or translated.

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  1. Contrary to your first sentence, Corações Sujos is not a fictional book, but a well-investigated and documented historical resource by Fernando Morais. The film may be fictional, but it is based on Morais’ research into the movement’s philosophy, attitudes and the actual events perpetrated by the Shindo Renmei.

  2. That’s Funny
    I’m a Brazilian guy looking for a brazilian movie about japanese people, wich was made in Brazil…
    And i’m reading a blog written by a jamaican guy who likes to talk about japanese stuff
    I love internet…

    cheers mate! hope you doing well!

    BTW… We are speaking English that i learnt when i lived in Australia…

  3. Corações Sujos is not a fiction book. The accounts described in the book were product of research on the acts of the Shindo Renmei group. Please correct your post.

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