Planet Cubicle Exploration – UPDATE

It has been over 9 months since the exploration of planet cubicle started. Chibi Exia and Chibi Astray Gold have been recording their findings and interacting with the inhabitants. The two of them have had completely different experiences on the planet and I have decided to share their research and findings.

Chibi Exia shares what is on his mind

Chibi Exia has not been having a good time, being manhandled by all and robbed of his weapons. His forehead fin was broken by an over-exuberant  inhabitant fascinated with the new explorers. Chibi Astray Gold on the other hand has been enjoying himself, socializing with everyone especially the female species who seem fascinated with his shiny gold colour.

Chibi Gundam Astray Gold

  • popular with the females in the office
  • automatic rifle and shield still attached
  • reflective gold colour looks good under fluorescent light
  • doesn’t like to be picked up by his head
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Chibi Exia

  • more popular with the males in the office maybe because it’s blue?
  • sword and shield misplaced/stolen
  • forehead fin broken by a retarded co-worker with superhuman strength
  • attempted to escape planet cubicle many times

I had originally planed to keep only one of these figures on my desk at work but couldn’t decide which one. Created a poll but at the time of this post the votes were locked at 6 a piece. Re-posting the poll below to see how the latest update affects the voting.

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Exia during happier times with his weapons and unbroken forehead fin


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