Exia and Astray Explore Planet Cubicle

Out of my anime figure collection Chibi Exia was always the most mischievous, picking on my poken, hiding Astraea‘s visor and trying to borrow Yoko‘s pistol are only a few of his plots I have foiled. Since the arrival of Chibi Gold Astray however it seems Chibi Exia has gained a partner in crime and I had to assign a squadron of GN-X III A-Laws to keep an eye on them after they successfully stole one of Cherudim‘s pistols and tried to claim a ransom.

Exia and Astray wonders what this device called come-pew-tah is used for

Astray and Exia while trying to escape the wrath of Heavy Arms Kai who they successfully played a prank on hid in my messenger bag and I accidentally brought them to work. This blog posts details their adventure as they travel around and explore a strange open world they have named “Planet Cubicle”. Only one of them can remain on the planet however and you are invited to vote at the end of the post on whether Exia or Astray should keep my company while doing my droid-like duties 40 hours a week at work.

Exia fiddles with a primitive scanner – soon they will eventually be able fry an ant from orbit

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Astray doesn’t know this is glass and thinks it’s a defensive force-field force-field

Going over the last details of the exploration mission objectives

scanning some strange runes for clues

Exia and Astray argue over whether this is a spell book or a GN drive repair manual

Astray monitoring the activities of a human couple from a safe distance

Some kind of experimental weaponry?

Everything on Planet Cubicle is covered with these strange runes

Astray trying to find the controls of this wheeled seating device

Exia plundering what seems to be valuables

Astray and Exia thinks the owner of this cubicle is plotting to take over the world

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