Final Fantasy XIII Conquering Japan

Final Fantasy has been released in Japan and is aiming to be first PS3 title to sell more than 1 million units in Japan. The last game of this magnitude to be released was Metal gear Solid 4. 1.8 million copies of Square-Enix’s role playing masterpiece was sent to retailers and so far most reports stat that over 1 million them has been snapped up all over Japan.


Unfortunately we in the west will have to wait for another 3 months before we can get or paws on the game when it is released on march 9th (a day after my birthday!). I don’t own a PS3 yet but if all goes as planned Final Fantasy 3 is the game that would be most responsible for me buying one, unless a PS3 mysteriously falls into my lap.

Light PS3

Speaking of buying a Playstation 3 a special edition white PS3 with the main character from Final Fantasy XIII named light emblazoned on the top is also available with a copy of the game but only in Japan (dammit!).


I’ll try my best to keep my Final Fantasy XIII fanboyism under wraps and got into detail in a future blog post hopefully after I have acquired a PS3.