Final Fantasy XIII Conquering Japan

Final Fantasy has been released in Japan and is aiming to be first PS3 title to sell more than 1 million units in Japan. The last game of this magnitude to be released was Metal gear Solid 4. 1.8 million copies of Square-Enix’s role playing masterpiece was sent to retailers and so far most reports stat that over 1 million them has been snapped up all over Japan.


Unfortunately we in the west will have to wait for another 3 months before we can get or paws on the game when it is released on march 9th (a day after my birthday!). I don’t own a PS3 yet but if all goes as planned Final Fantasy 3 is the game that would be most responsible for me buying one, unless a PS3 mysteriously falls into my lap.

Light PS3

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Speaking of buying a Playstation 3 a special edition white PS3 with the main character from Final Fantasy XIII named light emblazoned on the top is also available with a copy of the game but only in Japan (dammit!).


I’ll try my best to keep my Final Fantasy XIII fanboyism under wraps and got into detail in a future blog post hopefully after I have acquired a PS3.


11 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII Conquering Japan

  1. That Lighting PS3 was on sale on Play but it was of course sold out within hours of it being in stock :-(. I bought a PS3 just for this gam but found others to tide me over such as Little Big Planet, Heavenly Sword, and my favorite Katamari Forever.

    March will be here in no time though, It’s almost January in fact!
    Of course if you want to try, you can always import the Japanese game. I’m doing that, with the hopes that it will also help me with reading and listening to Japanese… and of course have fun doing it :-p

    I hope you get your PS3 .. there are some really fun games out there!!

  2. I pre-ordered the game from PlayAsia and it shipped today (woohoo!), but like many others, couldn’t get the Lightning PS3 ordered before it was gone. I wonder how much of the game sales reports include those of us who ordered from overseas? I’m sure that has impacted the sales number at least a little bit. When the English version releases, I’ll get a copy of that for the kids; and, yes, Square Enix owns us! Even my 9 y/o has the FF battle and chocobo themes as ringtones on her cell phone. :) [gamer]

  3. I pre-ordered the North American version the day they announced the release date. ^^ Now I’ll have too keep my eyes and ears closed from spoilers until we get it, lol. I really wanted the Limited Edition PS3, but I already have a regular PS3.. just couldn’t afford it. :(

  4. I’m excited about this game too, and I’m going to buy the Japanese version, but first I’m going through FF8 on an emulator. Lots of fun, and I think the things I don’t like about 8 have been changed in 13 which is great :)

  5. My days of playing FF games are long over. I’ll always have fond memories of FFVII and FFXI, but they’re just too time consuming. Nowadays when I have time to play a game I want something fast paced that’s going to give me some instant gratification. So, I’m turning to FPSs.

    I still love the art though!

    Oh and by the way, my birthday is March 5th.

  6. I got FFXIII on release day and have put about 8 hours into it so far. I’ve only scratched the surface of this game, but I must say that even with my crappy Japanese ability, I’m loving this game. The environments, music, characters, and story all appeal to me.

    Will this game surpass Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Champion of the World in my books? Not sure, but it’s doing a heck of a job so far.

    I’ll be pre-ordering the NA version too, but I’m waiting to hear more about the LE.

  7. NEED this game. NOW. >_< That's cool that you're a fellow Jamaican and also a pisces. My bday's on March 14! Hopefully someone can get it as a present….

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