Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

I still can’t quite believe that another year has gone by so quickly, it just seems that it was only 2 years ago we we started the new millennium but instead we are now a decade into it! To all my friends, family, readers, supporters and well wishers I wish for you a Merry Christmas.

My Christmas Holidays are usual a quite affair with my immediate family and it will continue to be so this year. I’ll be using the quiet time to focus on and pencil out my ideas and plans for the coming year as well as looking back at 2009 to see what I have achieved and what I learned. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

  1. Merry Christmas to all the awesome Jamaicans and Jamaipanese people :P

    Time flies indeed and I hope you fly soon to Japan, hehe.. Can’t wait. FTW!!

    [jamaica] [jamaica] [jamaica]

  2. Same to you pal – Marry Christmas.

    According to Portia Simpson Miller is Taxmous. [jamaica]

    For the new year I hope your blog will continue to grow and you will be successful in whatever you do.

    Blessings [smile]

    Love reading posts here myself [surfer]

  3. Jamaipanese, if you are not busy, you should check out today’s (Wednesday, December 30th, 2009) HUFFINGTON POST. There is an interesting piece on crazy Japanese toys. Nuff respect, Star !!

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