Desktop PC Finally Revived

After almost 2 years of laying in a  corner of my room gathering dust I finally managed to revive my dead desktop computer over the weekend. I was so close to just throwing it out and starting over from scratch as almost everything I bought was now outdated and it was my intention to have a top of the line PC mainly for gaming. However, in this economic climate I just opted to replace the dead processor, trouble was absolutely no store I went to had any AMD docket AM 2 or AM 2+ processors only AM 3 – proof that my rig was  now “vintage”.

A pic from almost a year ago just before it died

More on  Blogging it up at for 9 years now

I just eventually opted to just get a cheap processor mainboard combination and just work with everything I have. So now she is up and running with a crappy motherboard and processor but at least everything works fine with no overheating trouble.

My graphics card isn’t so awesome anymore but still capable

My sister’s laptop which I liked when it was new is now old and glitchy, but served me well during my time without a proper PC. I have been playing Dragon Age and testing a few other games I missed out on but that will be in another post so stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Desktop PC Finally Revived

  1. Little late now, but as far as I know, AM3 is backwards compatible with AM2 sockets. But it’s sweet that you managed to revive your old desktop. The inside of that case looks really friggen clean as well! Also, there just doesn’t seem to be any greater satisfaction than when you finally get everything back together, turn it on, and it actually works. Just recently finished putting my roommate’s new PC together and setting it up. Installing software sucks, but the hardware portion I just always find fun.

    1. actually I thought AM3 was backward compatible too but it is not, different number of pins, it really sucks.

      Yea I too enjoy tinkering with the hardware but the software stuff is mostly headache. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. Isn’t that reviving a bit scary? I mean, you could make a cyborg or something, like in Ghost in a Shell :P Good job!

    And happy happy new year. Hope you can revive many computers in 2010 and hope to see you in Japan, yay! [jamaica] [japan]

  3. Glad to hear you got that thing running. I know what you mean about not wanting to let it go to waste. I think back now on all the computer parts I’ve dumped in the trash can and I realize I’d like to have them back. Money doesn’t come as easily as it used to.

    My MacBook Pro is running like crap, but still chugging away. Been thinking about trying to get some of the guts in it fixed but fixing a Mac is so damn expensive. So, I’ve been planning on just getting a cheap netbook to hold me over until I’m in a better financial situation and can upgrade. I’ll be glad when I finally pick it up and turn it on. Been putting back cash.

  4. I take it from the last para that you will also be getting a newbie for your sis, since you’ve used hers to death now…tsk tsk.
    Anyway, good for you….I am hearing rumblings in my house about gettting a Macbook Pro…..and it’s not even gonna be for me, can u imagine?!

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