Desktop PC Finally Revived

After almost 2 years of laying in a  corner of my room gathering dust I finally managed to revive my dead desktop computer over the weekend. I was so close to just throwing it out and starting over from scratch as almost everything I bought was now outdated and it was my intention to have a top of the line PC mainly for gaming. However, in this economic climate I just opted to replace the dead processor, trouble was absolutely no store I went to had any AMD docket AM 2 or AM 2+ processors only AM 3 – proof that my rig was  now “vintage”.

A pic from almost a year ago just before it died

I just eventually opted to just get a cheap processor mainboard combination and just work with everything I have. So now she is up and running with a crappy motherboard and processor but at least everything works fine with no overheating trouble.

My graphics card isn’t so awesome anymore but still capable

My sister’s laptop which I liked when it was new is now old and glitchy, but served me well during my time without a proper PC. I have been playing Dragon Age and testing a few other games I missed out on but that will be in another post so stay tuned.