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I went to see Avatar a week ago but due to the Christmas festivities and other distractions I haven’t been able to put together my review post properly until now. There are no iMax theaters in Jamaica unfortunately so all you North American peeps who kept teasing me on twitter bugger off I just had to make due and watch it in 3D. So let me start off the review by saying this – Avatar is Awesome!

When the Avatar hype train starting moving along I feared that this would end up being another over-hyped flop and I intentionally cut my self off from Avatar related news, previews and info. 300 million dollars is a lot to spend on a movie and I think that makes it the most expensive movie ever so if it did fail they would need to find a stronger word than “flop” to describe it.

Best movie in years

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So after bribing my way through a 1 week waiting list and fighting through crowds I finally got to see Avatar in 3D. Previously I hated wearing those goofy uncomfortable 3D glasses but after the first minute of the film I forgot it was even there! Avatar is engrossing, revolutionary and most importantly entertaining, it’s like riding an emotional roller coaster filled with happiness, sadness, humor, anger among other feelings. The story and at least two of the characters did disappoint a little bit but there is no doubt that Avatar is the best thing to happen to the movie industry in many years.

Michelle Rodriguez

Just when I though I had kicked my Michelle Rodriguez obsession she had to show up in this film. I’m not big on celebrities and often laugh at people who obsess of celebs, entertainers and such but if I had to choose one celeb to be trapped on an island in the middle of nowhere with it would be Michelle.

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Go see it!

If you haven’t seen Avatar yet get off you ass and go purchase your movie tickets now! Have you seen Avatar? Please leave a comment and share your feedback on theΒ  movie.


21 thoughts on “Avatar Movie Review

  1. Avatar was a brilliant movie. Like you said, it completely raised the bar and was a great movie to watch. Lately, movies seem to try too hard. This one took it back to the basics but did in a way that was so good it was more than riveting. I only saw Avatar in 2D and regret it. There’s no IMAX here in Singapore either. There was 3D but we just didn’t think it’d be worth it. Ah well. Maybe this weekend we’ll get back to it. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

    I think the best part about Avatar is that by the end of the movie you actually cared about the characters and what was going on. That’s something that’s been missing from movies lately, especially with the movie industry trying to shovel crap down our throats in the form of SFX overload (GI Joe, Transformers, etc.) I kinda worried that this would be the same, and I think that affected our decision to get the cheaper 2D tickets.

    By the way, I heard the movie cost 500 million, not 300 million.

      1. Last I read, he had two sequels planned that are all but guaranteed since the movie was profitable. I’m looking forward to that, but this one took a long time to make, so I figure it’s going to be a few years.

  2. Ok Ok Ok, I will give in and go watch it (maybe even at the iMax)…but it better not be another big time big spending CGI thing or else…….

  3. I’ve heard all about this movie and it’s good to see a review of it before I go to watch it lol. Btw, I moved from AnimeSugoi to Chibified.

  4. I thought Avatar was visually impressive, and incredible in 3D but the storyline was weak. Could see all the cliche’s of the typical sci-fi/fantasy genre and predict quite easily what would happen most of the time. It also went on way too long, I was waiting for it just to be over already! But it did look amazing and the characters were very human, easy to sympathise with, which meant it did leave some impression.

  5. Well I am in the U.S. and I also saw it in digital 3D (not IMAX 3D) because the lines for the IMAX were toooooo long! I wasn’t waiting in line for that! I actually saw Avatar twice – the first time, I was with my BF and we wanted to see Sherlock Holmes but missed it. So he suggested Avatar; I was like “What the hell is that?”. But we did. That was not in 3D. Then my little sisters wanted to see it…so I went again.

    I guess I won’t see it in IMAX 3D either; unless someone else pays my way. I’ve already spent enough of my money! But yes, it was a great movie!

  6. Must agree with your post, easily one of the best movies I’ve seen in years.

    Also interesting tid bit apparently this movie is a precursor to a film James Cameron has wanted to make for years but the technology wasn’t good enough and guess what that film is? The anime Battle Angel Alita :D how good will that be

  7. i have watched Avatar 7 times now, and i still enjoy it so much. brilliant film.

    now its made 2.6 billion and a sequel is going to be made, i find it hard to say how & where it will start. after all Jake is now a na’ vi.

    maybe it will be a prequel, i cant wait.

    good news the 3d version will be on dvd next year :)

  8. Yes u are right. This is best movie of the year and I think all credit goes to James Cameron. He was a great director. Development on Avatar began in 1994, when Cameron wrote an 80-page scriptment for the film. Filming was supposed to take place after the completion of Cameron’s 1997 film Titanic, for a planned release in 1999, but according to Cameron, the necessary technology was not yet available to achieve his vision of the film. I Like Avatar. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Avatar had the best graphics that I have seen in any movie! I think it was great that Cameron waited to make his movie in 2009. I loved the creatures and characters in the movie. There was so much to love! . I am a customer and employee of DISH Network, and I just finished watching Avatar on DISH Online and it was amazing. Normally, DISH Online already has a lot of shows and movies to pick from, but just for being a customer of DISH Network, I have access to thousands more shows and movies anytime I want! It is awesome being able to catch up on all the best movies and shows on my laptop! I encourage anyone and everyone to take a look at dishonline.com because I know that it has a lot to offer anyone whether you’re a customer or not!

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