I Won a Poken! Check it out

A little over a month ago I entered the Japansoc.org poken contest by blogging and tweeting about Poken and what Japansoc.org was all about. I found out that I won one of the 11 Pokens that were being given away not long after and I waited patiently until it arrived in the mail to see which one of the characters I won. Guess which one it was? a Panda!

Micheal commented on the contest entry post saying that heΒ  liked the Panda and I did too, responding by saying it was the cutest of the lot. I don’t have anyone to exchange personal profile and online social media profile pages using my poken (yet!) but I am still the proud owner of one, maybe the first one in Jamaica, he is getting along with most of my Gundam models except Chibi Exia who finally has someone smaller than him to pick on.

Speaking of Gundam Figures

More on Jamaipanese.com:  Giant Feline encountered in sector Ja1-Ma!_KA

A poken wasn’t the only thing I picked up at the post office yesterday, I also received not one but two packages containing two more gundam models I’ll be putting together and blogging about over the next few weeks. I think my gunpla collecting is now a fully fledged addiction. Don’t even ask which models they are, if you read my Gundam OO related posts you’ll know one of them as I did say it’ was my favourite mobile suit from the series.


4 thoughts on “I Won a Poken! Check it out

  1. OH YOU WON!!! congrats!! and you won (what I think) is the best one..PANDA!!
    I want one now haha. and yes can’t wait for more gundam pictures! I have been wanting to build one for awhile.. need to get on that

  2. Nice! I’m enjoying the one I won too! (Mine looks like “Ghostface” from the movie “Scream”)

    Too bad there’s there’s not many Poken users where I am yet. I bet that will change soon….

  3. Glad he’s found a good home. That little panda sat on my desk for a couple of weeks, surrounded by dirty coffee cups and crisp packets!

  4. Ah, very cute little fella. ^^ Though you should be careful about the Chibi Exia issue. :S

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