Japansoc Poken Contest Entry

The nice guys over at Japansoc.org are having a wonderful giveaway. It is super easy to enter and you could win the latest gadget to take the interwebs and social gatherings by storm – a very useful gadget that I sure will be a gobal hit soon called “Poken“.

Alien, Panda, Bee and Grim Reaper themed poken

What’s a Poken?

A Poken is a tiny little gadget which intends to revolutionize the way how people exchange personal information between each other. Instead of just exchanging phone numbers or trying often without success to remember links and addresses to personal profile and online social media profile pages just use a Poken to save this information for you and retrieve it when needed.

How does it work?

Register your Poken on the official website and save online profile information you would like to share such as your Facebook page and Flickr photostream on your device. When you meet up with a fellow Poken user on the street or at a social event just touch your two Pokens together and instantly exchange the information you choose to. Information from people you have touched Pokens withΒ  can then be retrieved from any internet enabled computer with a usb drive.

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How do you enter to win one too

Entry into the Japansoc Poken Contest is easy, you just have to be a blogger and/or a Twitter user. Bloggers can win 1 of 8 Pokens and Twitter users can enter to win 1 of 3 Pokens:

  • Register at the JapanSoc.org Forums.
  • Write a blog post telling them why you want a Poken. Include a link to Poken Japan (http://poken.jp/en/) and also a link to the contest page so anyone who reads it can learn more about it and join in.


  • Make a tweet on Twitter. telling everyone about the contest, including a link to it and a special hashtag (#jsocpoken)
  • Follow it up by tweeting why you want a Poken, including a link to Poken Japan (http://poken.jp/en/).
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After you have entered just leave a comment on contest announcement post with a link to your blog post and/or Twitter username and voila! you are in.


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