You know you are a Car Freak when…

You know you are too much of a car freak when you see the photo below and your pupils dilate, your mouth water and you get that fuzzy feelings inside. The trouble is there are 20 beautiful young and very attractive young Japanese ladies and Miss Universe Japan finalists standing next to the car that you should natural experience those feelings listed above for.


Just in case you are wondering – it’s an Audi TT Roadster

Cars haunt my dreams and I remember taking a picture of the red convertible version of this same car last year seen here. Excellent marketing or an unhealthy car obsession either way I’m not sure how I should feel. In case you were wondering this year’s Miss Universe Japan 2009 Pageant will take place on May, 10 2009. The theme of this year’s event is Hollywood in the 1950s. Check out the steamy video below.

I am not sure how Jamaica’s Miss Universe pageant is going but at the time of this post their website had not been updated since asking for entries with a February 2009 deadline.

Miss Universese Japann finalists pictures