Eden of the East – First Impressions

Eden of the East or Higashi no Eden is one of the cool anime that didn’t even make my Spring 2009 anime watchlist but with Sengoku Basara being lame after the first 2 episodes I decided to replace it with Eden of the East. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this anime from my friends and through buzz on the interwebs so after watching the first 5 episodes I must say the praises are well deserved.

Saki is too cute and adorable she is begging to be jumped

Eden of the East stars Saki Morimi and Akira Takizawa. Saki travels to Washington DC on her graduation trip and through bizarre circumstances runs into a naked Akira who has seemingly lost his memory. His only possessions are a gun and a cellphone and with the help of Saki rediscovers his name and together they return to Japan. The main story evolves around a mysterious group known as “noblesse oblige” and an event called “Careless Monday” an apparent terrorist attack in Japan that results in massive property damage over a large area but absolutely no loss of life.

Akira’s entrance had him naked in Washington DC with a revolver and a cellphone

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The story of Eden of the East is believable and intriguing enough and the cast so far is made up interesting characters each with their own role to play. What I like the most though is the use of real world places and landmarks in the anime, I even saw the Spy Museum which I visited when in Washington DC last year. Eden of the East so far is a well balanced anime that provides humor, character development and story. I am looking forward to watching all of the expected 11 episodes and will post a  full review then. Anybody else currently watching Eden of the East?

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This guy has a really badass wife

Beautiful women drinking wine in anime = evil

Hey guys, what would you do if a police officer asked to see your “Johnny”?

More stills from the first 5 episodes of Eden of the East in the anime and manga section of the Jamaipanese.com gallery.


8 thoughts on “Eden of the East – First Impressions

  1. “Hey guys, what would you do if a police officer asked to see your “Johnny”?”

    Hmm, if the officer was female, sure, why not… If male, why not… might as well make him envious :p [smile]

      1. Hmm, why did the comment by Cederash disappear? :p Only approve of comments in English? :p

        1. I get so much spam from .ru addresses I have given up on comments from those addresses that are not posted in English.

          my apologies to my visitors from Russia :D

  2. Hmm, maybe I should give this one a try? Now that Prison Break has ended and many other series are on hold I have room for a few more animes^^ The plot sounds good too… How many episodes have been subbed so far?

  3. I started to watch this series just by chance while checking watchanimenow.com, just because the name sounds attracting xD
    But i have to say… i really loved it, the story is thrilling, dramatic, romantic, all at the same time. And i love the real scenarios too, it makes the plot so realistic <3
    So are there only 11 episodes planned? What a shame, I would love to watch much more u_u Let’s see what happens.

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