Tokyo Time-lapse by Samuel Cockedey

Following up on the Alone in the Tokyo Video Phillip Bloom I surfed into another great Tokyo related video that also highlights Japan’s capital. The creative representation of Tokyo this time is called “static : pulse” and was made by Samuel Cockedey.


Tokyo Skyline in daylight

The short video shows how Tokyo’s skyline looks during the different times ofย  day and the time-lapse effect (which I like) gives it an interesting look with clouds moving overhead, traffic speeding along, various buildings and the lights of mega tall skyscrapers at night with the moon in the background watching over the biggest metropolis in the world.


Tokyo Skyline at night

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Click here to watch the full video in HD on Vimeo or check out the lower quality version embedded below, also be sure to visit Samuel Cockedey’s website which displays some amazing photographs from Japan and many other breathtaking locations all over the world. I am browsing through with a fine teeth comb as I bound to learn a few techniques that can help my photography skills.


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Time-lapse by Samuel Cockedey

  1. It is stunning time lapse, but also very distant from the people at street level. I reminds me of the pulsing visual displays of a car stereo, electric but also a little cold. Kirk, your photos have a real warmth and humour too them, I hope it stays with you as your photography improves.

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