Alone in Tokyo by Philip Bloom

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and a very a fascinating city. It is the most populous metropolis in the world, the most important city in Asia and one of the top five cities of the world. Phillip Bloom has created a very interesting short film of Tokyo that features everyday life in me mega-city.

Nothing says “city” like bright lights and traffic signals

Tokyo in 6 minutes

A whole lot of Tokyo is represented in the 6 minute short, many of the different Wards of Tokyo, the trains, the city at night, parks, festivals, family life and even the homeless . A must watch not only for fans of Japan. Looks like a video camera will be a must for me when I eventually land in Tokyo, I just have to stay focused and stick my goals. Watch Alone in Tokyo.


A youngster and his parent enjoying a meal

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This shot reminds me of the Top Gear Episode on Japan


Tokyo at night, shadowy salarymen returning home after a long day at work


I like the fast time lapse effects in the film

Via – Jean Snow through Japan Newbie and Black Tokyo


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  1. Interesting images!! Never been to Japan, but it does intrigue me!! Hopefully, one of these days, if the moola is running right, I will be able to make a trip. Nuff respect!!

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