Bolt Lights up Manchester in 150m Sprint

Usain Bolt set the city of Manchester in England on fire today when he ran the fastest 150m ever in front a a cheering crowd who waited for hours in really awful weather to see the fastest man in the world. It took only 14.25 seconds for Usain to cover the distance. Check out the amazing video below.

I really don’t what to say, I was very worried about his fitness after his car accident recently but when a guy runs so fast so easily at “70% fitness” according to him you have to wonder just who in the world will be able to beat the 22 year old for the next few years. Barring injury or any unfortunate incident the only person I believe can beat Usain Bolt is Usain Bolt and I hope he stays healthy and focused for his own sake and that of his family, country and fans worldwide. Right now Usain Bolt is like the Barrack Obama of athletics. I’ll leave you with a quote from the commentators:

“…the fastest by a long long way and when you consider some of the names in the record book before him this guy is a class apart…”

Via – Jamaicapage

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