Jamaica Pegasus Tweetup – Second Edition

Twitter users or tweeps in and around Kingston were treated to another tweetup held at the Jamaica Pegasus on Friday September 3rd. This is the second such event held at the Pegasus as the first Tweetup was held there a couple months ago which I attended and blogged about. I wondered how the organizers would have been able to top the spectacle that was the first edition and I am happy to report that last Friday’s tweetup was the biggest and best yet.

How did they pull it off?

The second edition of the Jamaica Pegasus Tweetup took things up a notch from the 1st one – there was a new location in the Gardens and the Pegasus, a beautiful outdoor location that really opened up the party.

First order of business - Food!

There were many more sponsors and giveaways from local companies like NCB, Calico Jack, Jamaica National, Secrets Resorts and Palace Amusement plus a few prizes overseas companies like Blackberry’s creators; RIM and Boingo Wireless. The MC was the energetic Elva Ruddock and attendees were a lot more free-spirited and not afraid to dance up a storm.

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my Calico Jack (drink) addiction continues

Kudos to Jamaica Pegasus

The Food was good, the drinks kept flowing, the music was pumping, the MC was full of vibes and social interaction was the main goal of the patron. Kudos to @JamaicaPegasus for hosting another great Tweetup! Lots more pictures (Thank you Stunner!) and a video below.

let the Twitter party begin!
Grabbing my photo op with Chantal Raymond (red) Miss Jamaica World 2010
@iriediva - @Elvajamaica - @stunnerj and other twitter peeps
the lovely @Reesy11 is a friend I met through Twitter
@AstleyHenry - @Jamaipanese - @StunnerJ (arm) having a good time

Some of the tweeps I hung out with or met at the tweepup are @Stunnerj, @Jreemorrison, @Gio, @leonrobinson1, @IrieDiva, @Reesy11, @AstleyHenry, @KarmaizaDiva, @sweetpersona, @Eddieanne, @GordonSwaby, @Iamsbee, @RyanMattis, @RyanLueClarke, @IngridRiley, @ChryslisCEO, @MarciaForbes, @CorveDocosta. Check out the hashtags #jptweetup and #jptweetup2 to read more about the craziness that went on! Video I shot at the event embedded below, sorry it’s a bit dark!

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6 thoughts on “Jamaica Pegasus Tweetup – Second Edition

  1. Mad review- I love the video. It was a great night overall. I left at 1am. At that time I realized I had seen enough. I basically locked up the doors to the Pegasus. [jamaica]

  2. dis is very different….nice number of pics, nice report. still not convinced to tweet tho. mi like see the growing variety of entertaining things to do in JA – not jus dance, club and movie anymore.

    1. whoops ^_^ how did that happen. The pics I have of you are from when you were caressing the Nikon, I am sure you wouldn’t want me to share that picture and have your Canonite friends chop off your head.

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