Operation Visit Japan – November 2010 Report

Another month has zipped by in no time and it’s time for another update on the progress of Operation Visit Japan. Things are progressing exactly as planned and I am preparing to navigate one of the last major bumps on the road to Japan – you guessed it – Christmas! I’ve always been a little “Christmas Crazy” buying gifts for friends, things for myself, pimping out my room etc and partying/celebrating from the middle of December right into the new year.

This year will be much different though as I divert those funds to paying for resits for some exams I failed at school and also starting to plan for all the visa and other related expenses related to getting to Japan to ensure that my main pool of funds aren’t disturbed in any way! Mrs Jamaipanese and the rest of the family have been following Operation Visit Japan too and their support has been unbelievable. So what do I have planned so far for this Christmas? A few days from work and a super low budget trip to visit distant relatives in the country to soak up some fresh air, escape the city and practice up on my photography (and Japanese?).

November 2010 Report

One donation via the Chipin widget over the past month from my photographer pal Jim plus the usual $100 from my salary this month adds $105 to the Operation Visit Japan fund. When you add that to the totals previous reports on totals I have done before from JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptember and October bring the grand total to $2205 or 74% of the $3000 goal!

Want to Contribute?

If you would like to donate to Operation Visit Japan you can do so by using the chipin widget embedded in this post or in the left sidebar. Feel free to contact me to make other arrangements to contribute.