Japan – Smashbox by Tom Banks

Just when I thought Japan themed videos could not get any more awesome and trust me I’ve shared a few and watched a whole lot, I surfed into Japan – Smashbox by Tom Banks. Just as artsy as the last video I shared called Japan – Waiting… Arriving… Departing done by Australian illustrator and photographer Andy Ellis but injected with energy and with exceptional video effects that makes me want to sell off all my belongings and hop on a couple on planes to Japan now!

Being the Japan train geek that I am I had to snag a screenshot of the Shinkansen

Maybe I am just too impressionable and already sufferring from on overdose of all things Japan but you have to check out the awesome 2 minute video embedded below. Lots of random shots of urban Japan stitched together with complimentary music and effects that you’ll love and for me is the perfect dose of even more inspiration for Operation Visit Japan. Now if only I could learn how to do such awesome video effects…

Tom Banks is a Los Angeles based Director of Photography – check out his website at Banksfilm.com and follow him on Twitter.

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