Japan misses out on Hosting 2022 World Cup

Japan’s bid to host the 2022 World Cup of Football was defeated by Qatar in the bidding process earlier today at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich Switzerland. As expected the 2018 tournament was awarded to a European country with Russia walking away with that honor.

Rivals and Voting

Qatar, the United States, Australia and South Korea were Japans full list of bidding rivals for one of the biggest sporting event in the world. It is thought that because Japan co-hosted the event in 2002 with Korea that it worked against their bid. The United States and Australia were though to be the front runners but it is safe to say that most persons were stunned at the announcement that Qatar had won.

List of Future Hosts

As a Japan enthusiast I was hoping Japan would win so I’d have a good excuse to visit in 2022 (if I am not living there by then?). So the list of countries hosten the next three World Cups are:

  • Brazil – 2014
  • Russia – 2018
  • Qatar – 2022

Congratulations and Poll results

Although I am sad Japan missed out I would like to congratulate Russia and Qatar on their successful bid to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups! Below are the results of a poll I created with my blog post earlier this year about Japan’s bid to Host the 2022 World Cup.

Do you think Japan will win the bid to host the 2022 World Cup?

  • No (50%, 16 Votes)
  • Yes (34%, 11 Votes)
  • Not Sure (16%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 32

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