A big fat list of Japan related Youtube Channels

Youtube is an entertainment and social networking powerhouse that has been known to steal hours away from my day as I view video after video covering the things I am interested in or just what has become interesting and viral at the time. I have been trying my hand at my own Youtube Channel with plans to get a more capable video recorder in the future, hopefully just before I leave for Japan.

Check them out and share the ones I missed

There are myriad of Japan related Youtube Channels covering everything from learning Japanese to cooking to anime figures. I follow many of them and surf into new ones from time to time so I thought I’d make a post containing a big fat list of Japan related Youtube Channels. In case one or more of your favourite channels in missing from the list, leave a comment with a link to it (spammers will be nuked), I will look over it and if it’s Japan content  and/or power level is over 9000 I will add it.

A Big fat list of Japan related Youtube Channels (in no particular order)

  • Akibatteru – anime, manga, gaming cosplay
  • English Teachers – a humorous and insightful episodic web series based in Japan
  • That Japanese Girl – sharing random Japan related weirdness on YouTube
  • JAXA – Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Official Youtube Channel
  • Marcus Bird TV – a fellow Jamaican making videos about his adventures in Japan
  • Expat Advocate – recently started channel with some awesome Japan videos
  • Visit Japan – Japan National Tourism Organization’s Official Youtube Channel
  • Danny Choo – life in Japan and subculture like anime, figurines, cosplay, games etc
  • FUNimation – producer, marketer, and distributer of anime etc
  • Hannah Minx – the most popular Japan related Youtube Channel, guess why?
  • Japanesepod101 – extremely useful, short, to the point Japanese lessons
  • Hikosaemon – subtitled bilingual video blogs about living in and loving Japan
  • MegwinTV – super hilarious videos in Japanese
  • Joe in Japan – life in Japan as a CIR and help related to the JET program
  • Tofugu – Japanese language and culture videos by my pal Koichi
  • Tokyo Kawaii Etc – cute stuff from Japan!
  • Yes Japan – talk show style interactive Japanese education videos and lessons
  • Japan Society NYC – videos on the events organized by the Japan Society NYC
  • JET, Japan, Jason – very useful videos about life as a JET in Japan
  • Magibon – Mina-san konnichiwa Magibon desu! *stares* Bye Bye…
  • Claytonian – Comedian and former JET living in Japan
  • Gakuranman – life in Japan, the language, culture and haikyo/urban exploration
  • Japan is Doomed – videos relating to Japanese culture and more
  • Gimmeaflakeman – Videos about Japanese language and culture
  • Hiroko Channel – Awesome videos showcasing Japanese culture
  • Japanarchist – Doing stuff and talking about stuff in Japan
  • Unrested – Lots of tips and questions answered about living in Japan
  • Japundit – Living in Japan since 1969.
  • Tokyotek – Cool and shiny tech and entertainment stuff from Japan
  • Kemushichan – likable lady bringing you some Japan!

Dont forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel – brainstorming some ideas for videos while trying to learn a decent but not uber complicated video editing software (recommend one!) and when I do get to Japan next year things will get cRaZy. If you have any ideas or requests for Japan/Jamaica related videos you’d like me to make feel free to contact me. While you are at it please like Jamaipanese on Facebook and follow me  @Jamaipanese on Twitter. Thank you!


16 thoughts on “A big fat list of Japan related Youtube Channels

  1. See, that’s the thing with jbloggers and jvloggers, they’ll keep saying: Kirk, you forgot me me me :P Btw, I don’t youtube and I’m not a jblogger. Well, sort of. Sometimes I am :) It’s sometimes amazing how many Japan lovers are out there blogging and vlogging. I sometimes check the most popular ones and feel that more or less they repeat themselves. Every blogger reaches a peak and then they just can’t keep that up. You’re different. I think your peak will be reached next year, when you visit Japan. Will be interesting to read your observation. I’m still sticking to you, read most of your posts, even if I comment less. Wish you good luck, good health and stay awesome, especially in 2011. :)

    1. thanks for stopping by again pal, I dont agree that every blogger reaches a peak and repetition and overlap is not always a bad thing. If you keep your content fresh and interesting there will always be new visitors to compliment the loyal ones and there will always be those who just check it once and never again or lose interest due to various factors over time.

      Thank you for continuing to read my posts, looking forward to making the most of my trip to Japan next year and of course ensuring that my readers can share the experience.

  2. Hey! Thanks for including us in your list.

    We are in the middle of a big T-shirt/sweatshirt giveaway on the japundit youtube channel (youtube.com/japundit) if you are interested….

    Thanks again.

  3. Thanks for the list! I haven’t uploaded any videos quite yet, but I’m actually hoping to join the ranks of jvloggers :D As for editing software, I simply use iMovie on my Mac, but I used to use Windows Movie Maker on PC. You can’t do anything too fancy with them, but honestly for the most part they get the job done. I’ve used Avid before, and that wasn’t bad either, and I’ve heard really good things about Adobe Premier. Looking forward to more videos from you!

  4. Hey !

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