Japan – Waiting…Arriving…Departing – Video

Surfed into another awesome Japan themed video on Vimeo yesterday called Japan – Waiting Arriving Departing done by Andy Ellis. I highly recommend that you check it out as it offers a somewhat different vibe from some of the other mostly time lapse videos I have shared recently such as Get up and Go, Alone in Tokyo and Hayaku: A Time-lapse Journey through Japan.

Japan – Waiting…Arriving…Departing has a very artsy look and feel with an excellent choice of accompanying music. Lots of different clips from rural, urban, life, people and culture all stitched together to create a 6 minute adventure of sorts. Andy Ellis is an award winning freelance artist working in the fields of illustration and photography, based in the Barossa Valley, South Australia.

Reading seeing this post from my RSS feed, email or an external site or service may not be able to see the video embedded above. Click here to view the post and video on Jamaipanese.com. Check out more of Andy Ellis’ work via his website at theartofandyellis.com.

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3 thoughts on “Japan – Waiting…Arriving…Departing – Video

  1. Nice one… and he lives just down the road from me (and I didn’t even know). It’s a very honest movie. It resonates quite strongly for us, as we’re often returning to Japan to parents and there’s a lot of similar moments. Of course, everyone’s story is different.

  2. I love that he chose not to use any of the ambient sounds for the video. The Sigur Ros tune is all you hear and it complements the mood and expressions in the film so well

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