Discovering the Super Robot Wars Franchise

I received a random message through my contact form a few days ago by a behind the scenes reader of my blog named Jimmy who urged me to check out an anime called Super Robot Wars Taisen OG: The Inspector. I have never seen or heard of Super Robot Wars before and a quick Google search revealed that it is a long running franchise with various video game, anime and manga releases. I got excited by my early findings and decided to check out the first couple episodes of Super Robot Wars Taisen OG: The Inspector.

Robot Wars Taisen OG: The Inspector agrees that Mechs and big guns go hand in hand

I have always had a liking for mecha/robot anime and it is well known that I am a fan of Gundam. Every now and again I take a peak out of my Gundam comfort zone to find interesting mecha anime gems like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and many others. But what about Super Robot Wars Taisen OG: The Inspector did? Was it worth my time? Did I regret watching  the first couple of episodes?

Kyousuke Nanbu has already become one of my favourite characters

First Impressions

After watching the first couple episodes of Super Robot Wars Taisen OG: The Inspector I was bouncing around in my chair with joy as I had loved it so much! The action, the characters, the animation, the mech designs, the sound, just about everything. However there was one problem, I had no understanding of anything at all that was happening on the screen! Who the heck is Beowulf? Regenerating mechs? Divine Crusaders? ATX Team?? SRX Team? Aerogators? What does it all mean?

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some really geektastic mecha designs in this series

Guide to Super Robot Wars: Original Generation

In my quest for an understanding of the super complexed Super Robot Wars storyline I went searching for the titles of the different video games, anime and manga. That search didn’t result in many positives so I went searching for an overview of the entire Super Robot Wars storyline and low and behold the anime loving geek Gods smiled upon me with a Complete Guide to Super Robot Wars: Original Generation. I couldn’t believe my luck. I dived into the wonderfully written overview connecting characters, factions, mobile suits etc that I have seen in the first four episodes and although I still don’t completely understand whats going on I do understand some of it and now have something to refer to when something is going on that I don’t quite get.

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lots of little minor detail shows that a lot has gone into the making of this series

Fan of Super Robot Wars?

Super Robot Wars may not be Gundam but Super Robot Wars Taisen OG: The Inspector certainly has enough meat on its bones to keep me interested. Has anyone reading this seen or played any of the Super Robot Wars anime or video games?

the first fight-scene at the begining of everything is the most confusing of them all

Thank you Jimmy

Thank you Jimmy for recommending it and I really enjoy getting messages from readers s if you would like to recommend anything to me or get in contact with me for any reason you can do so through my contact page here.

Super Robot Wars Official Site [Japanese]


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  1. I’ve heard about it seen walls and screen shots but never took the time to watch. I’ll be adding it to my list after read through that guide.

      1. March 18, 2011 – After we’ve forgotten the last episode and around the time we’ll be wondering why we haven’t seen a new episode yet. [anime]

  2. just finished watching the first series and boy did it make a lot of sense when watching SRWOG the inspector for back story purposes(like latooni’s story). Go SRX!!!!! [anime]

  3. about the firstfight scene tw2o theories either that’s the future of an alternate time line where bio mechs rule supreme

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